GigComm Global Services is a Professional Services community that provides high-quality results.

Our group is comprised of a select set of individuals, each of whom typically have decades of career experience in their fields of expertise. Some of these individuals are currently active in their careers, with an interest in moving into the task-oriented gig community.  Others are moving into a reduced work-hours phase in their life, yet are still very interested in continuing their practice on a task-oriented basis.

The team at GigComm Global are available worldwide for any tasks, from simple, one-off tasks to multiple, complex, and ongoing tasks. The deliverables are completed via telecommuting through video conferencing and cloud based document sharing.

The market for task-oriented work continues to grow, with task requirements spanning from the simple to the complex.

As the market continues to grow, GigComm Global will continue to expand, while remaining a reliable source for quality results.

Choosing GigComm removes the need to risk time and money on uncertain services. We've already done the talent search for you, all that's needed is for you to make your request and get the results you're looking for - every time.

GigComm Global Services is becoming known as a reliable one-stop shop for a wide variety of skill-sets:

  • from copy editing ghost writing
  • from data entry data analytics
  • from software coding website development SEO analysis
  • from graphic design professional photo editing
  • from paralegal services legal contract development / review / analysis

And the best part:  There is no need to make new contract arrangements, no need to hire out personnel, no need to sort through how many or how much. The steps are as easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Detail Your Request
  2. Receive a time and cost quote
  3. Receive your deliverable in the time and pricing agreed.

With Gigcomm, you will have a single point-of-contact to work with from beginning to end, for all of your tasks. Depending on the type of work requested, working directly with the agreed-to resource may be needed, and in all cases, the resource will be available for direct contact. It is the client's choice, each time.

And satisfaction is always guaranteed. If any issues arise, your account manager will work to ensure they are resolved in a timely manner and to your satisfaction. That's our promise to you.