For Clients

As a first time client you have a few options for getting an initial quote for your deliverable:


  • Submit a request form, and one of our Client Interface Managers will be in contact with you.
  • Directly contact one of our Client Interface Managers to gain further information and discuss the best approach for you.

Once the initial contact has been made, the general process works as follows:


Detail Your Request

We have a few different forms available to utilize depending on your type of deliverable. These forms are designed to capture sufficient requirements information to enable development of a reliable quote.

Simply complete the applicable form and submit it for review. If there is additional information needed in order to develop a complete quote your Client Interface Manager will work with you to get all necessary information to develop an accurate quote.


Receive a schedule and cost quote

Once the information has been completed, one of our Client Interface Managers will work with the applicable Gig Community members to put together a quote that will include a scheduled calendar delivery date and a cost.

There are many variables available for the execution portion of the work. The simplest is for a quote to be agreed, the work is then completed, and the deliverable is provided to the client for review and acceptance. Any follow-up discussions will be handled by the Client Interface Manager.

For some deliverables the client may request milestone reporting, partial deliverable reviews, and may also want to have direct access to the specific resource. Each variety of execution process is available and will be coordinated through the Client Interface Manager.


Receive your deliverable on the date scheduled and for the pricing agreed

Once your first deliverable has been successfully completed, you may retain contact with your Client Interface Manager. This relationship will be in place to allow for quick and easy access for any future deliverables, at any particular timing.


Going forward, our return clients simply contact their specific Client Interface Manager whenever new deliverables are required.

And it’s that easy.

The consistency and ease of this relationship allows our clients to spend less time on resourcing and more time and moving their own business forward.