How It Works

Getting your deliverables completed with GigComm Global Services is a matter of 1, 2, 3:


  1. Detail Your Request
  2. Receive a schedule and cost quote
  3. Receive your deliverable on the date scheduled and for the pricing agreed


Here are further details regarding these steps.

The available talent that completes these deliverables are our Gig Community members. Our list of members may change as new members join,  and there are periods when existing members may not be available due to personal holidays, travel, or other commitments.

That is why we utilize our Client Interface Managers to work with our clients. This way our clients do not need to solicit bids themselves, or sort through a changing list of resources for each of their deliverables. With our Client Interface Managers our clients have a single point of contact and can be assured of quality results regardless of the which Gig Community member is working on any specific deliverable.