Participating in the Gig Community

Our Gig Community is what makes GigComm unique and a success.

GigComm Global Services is comprised of a group of individuals each typically having decades of experience in their respective fields. This group of individuals is what constitutes our Gig Community.

There are a variety of aspects that contribute to the overall picture of our Gig Community.


The underlying principles are:

  • The availability of location independent work.
  • A community spirit where all members respect each other and support each other.
  • Opportunities for growth and cross-fertilization of skills.
  • Benefits provided through group membership.


The requisites for participating in our Gig Community are:

  1. Proficiency in your skill set(s).
  2. A positive attitude towards completing tasks with high quality and within agreed terms.

Note:  Many members will start with proficiency in one skill set, and will find themselves progressing into other areas through involvement within our community.